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Poptarts in Atlantis || 18,300 words. R. Crossover with popslash. Written for don we now our gay apparel 2005. || JC Chasez, intrepid scientist, travels to new and exciting places and meets new and exciting people (and animals).

Cold || 800 words. PG. Crossover with popslash. || JC Chasez, intrepid scientist, is kidnapped.

Objects in motion || 1,700 words. PG. Crossover with popslash. || JC Chasez, intrepid scientist, saves Sheppard and McKay from a terrible fate.

Well bedded || 1,000 words. NC-17. Crossover with popslash. || JC Chasez, intrepid scientist, gets his boyfriend into bed (and vice versa).

Idle hands || 1,250 words. NC-17. Crossover with popslash. || JC Chasez, intrepid scientist, spends an afternoon working with Zelenka.

Oh, God! || 3,200 words. PG. Crossover with popslash. || Birds do it, bees do it, Rodney McKay doesn't do it, and JC Chasez, intrepid scientist, witnesses a divine intervention.

The market value of a slightly used colonel || 1,100 words. PG. || Rodney and Ronon make an impulse purchase, and John Sheppard gets new clothes.

John Sheppard, helpless plaything || 2,200 words. NC-17. || It's the drugs. Nothing but the drugs.

Tastes like summer || 5,000 words. NC-17. || It's not all sweetness on his tongue.

Lost in space || 2,300 words. PG. Written for the sga_flashfic enclosed spaces challenge. || Sheppard and McKay are lost in space. No, really.

A joint problem || 1,100 words. NC-17. Written for the sga_flashfic 38 minutes challenge. || Getting better all the time.

About a lamp || 22,000 words. NC-17. || Adventure, drama, thrilling escapes, cunning puzzles, math, eggs, Marines, scientists, Athosians, sex, alcohol, architecture, ghosts, bird-watching, and energy conservation. And a lamp.

Small mammals || 1,200 words. PG. || In which Sheppard and McKay do not have sex with squirrels.

Call soft enough || 1,700 words. NC-17. Podfic in several formats read by thingswithwings, audiobook and cover by cybel. || John had told Rodney once that he liked it fast and hard.

Open || 1,900 words. PG. || They really need that ZPM.

What will happen || 100 words. PG. A snippet for nestra.

Oddly soothing || 400 words. PG. A snippet for Zoe Rayne.

No pheromones || 600 words. PG. A snippet for afrai. || It's not the pheromones, it's the algae. Probably.

In decision || 1,300 words. NC-17. || No one's hurt, and it's just another day.

Sweetness and light || 400 words. PG. || The morning after.

The machinery of heaven || 42,500 words. NC-17. Art by Mute Cornett. || On a trading mission, the team gets caught up in local politics.

Title of the story || 4,300 words. R. Written for the sga_flashfic virgin challenge. || The one with the chaperone and the quaint local customs and the museum and the virgins and the plot device and the ceremony and the user manual.

Over the hills and far away || 2,100 words. PG. DVD commentary by pentapus. || You can't really tell just by looking.

Suburban consumption rituals || 2,700 words. PG. || Buy three, get one free! Last-minute gifts are a tricky business.

All tied up || 400 words. PG. A snippet for ltlj. || John is.

Nearer to the miracle || 1,100 words. NC-17. || Heatwave on Atlantis, every night this hot and sometimes John licks the sweat from Rodney's back because it tastes just a little different.

Field trip || 700 words. PG. Crossover with Due South. Written for the first kiss meme. || Ray Kowalski and Fraser meet John and Rodney.

Important scientific discovery || 300 words. PG. Written for the first kiss meme. || John and Rodney and alien customs.

Masterminds || 300 words. PG. Crossover with Smallville. Written for the first kiss meme. || Rodney McKay and Lex Luthor and captivity.

Summer holiday || 600 words. PG. Crossover with Numb3rs. Written for the first kiss meme. || Don Eppes and John Sheppard and beer.

Sunset || 950 words. PG. || Well, here's another nice mess we've gotten ourselves into.

Marketplace || 1,000 words. G. || John and his team have a good day.

Storm || 850 words. G. || John tells Rodney there's nothing wrong.

Heart of glass || 20,000 words. NC-17. || John and Rodney get tangled up in an Ancient story.

Jack gets around || 550 words. PG. || Jack Harkness in five different crossovers.