May 24, 2007

Disclaimer: by request only. Written for purelyironic for the first kiss meme. Do not archive without permission.

Important scientific discovery

Rodney McKay and John Sheppard?

First kiss? There wasn't supposed to be a first kiss, or any kind of kiss, because really, realistically speaking, not that Rodney held himself in such low esteem that he underrated his own attractions, but other people seemed to — underrate his attractions, that is, not hold him in low esteem, at least he hoped not, considering his many accomplishments and the fact that he'd, oh, saved their lives repeatedly, but to get back to the point, realistically speaking, he didn't think it was going to happen at all. Only the Gremor on M3F-345, apparently determined to turn their planet into the germ central of the galaxy, had a tradition of greeting kisses, and parting kisses, and important scientific discovery kisses, where everyone involved kissed everyone else involved, on pain of shunning, or possibly not getting any dinner. So not only did Rodney have to kiss six Gremoran researchers and the head of the university, he also had to kiss Teyla, which, okay, no sane person would consider that a hardship, and Ronon, who was much too amused by the whole thing and probably grew his beard that scratchy on purpose, and Sheppard, who grinned at him like Rodney had just done something really brilliant, which, granted, he had, but Sheppard hadn't started grinning like that until Rodney kissed him, so Rodney stared at him all through the dinner and the celebration and the speeches, wondering if he was about to do something superlatively stupid, and he kept wondering until he was alone with Sheppard in the garden outside the Gremoran university quarters for visiting scholars. Then he kissed him again, and Sheppard grinned at him like Rodney was about to get laid, and kissed him back.

* * *

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