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Art by Rachel Lewis.

Ghosts I: I know where I'm going || 16,000 words.
Ghosts II: And I know who's going with me || 30,300 words.
Ghosts III: I know my dear love || 36,700 words.
Ghosts IV: But I don't know who I'll marry || 14,200 words.

Ghosts I-IV || 96,800 words. R. Art by Jo B. Art by luin. Ghosts zine page. || Krycek returns from Russia and seeks Mulder's help in investigating a case. Mulder, Scully and Krycek form an uneasy alliance, but nothing is as it seems in the small town of Leyden Creek.

Remembrance and reminder || 1,000 words. R. || Mulder thinks back.

Lovers I: Carrion comfort || 21,800 words.
Lovers II: Darksome devouring || 21,700 words.
Lovers III: In turns of tempest || 22,200 words.
Lovers IV: Sheer and clear || 21,500 words.
Lovers V: Heaven-handling || 21,200 words.
Lovers VI: Of now done darkness || 21,100 words.

Lovers I-VI || 130,000 words. NC-17. Art by Jo B. || A former colleague of Mulder's asks for help with a serial killer. Mulder and Scully arrive in San Francisco to find that they aren't the only ones to take a special interest in this case.

Like a knife || 100 words. PG. A snippet for jain.

Awakenings I: Narrow solitudes || 500 words. PG.
Awakenings II: The expense of spirit || 500 words. PG.
Awakenings III: The waste remains || 500 words. PG.

Mulder in the mornings. Waking up with someone isn't always a comfortable experience.

Deserted || 1,300 words. PG. || One road, two men, two different directions.

Under cover || 2,800 words. NC-17. || When Byers met Krycek.

Sheltered life || 3,200 words. NC-17. || When Krycek met Byers.

Induction || 650 words. NC-17. || Krycek has a past.

Witness tree || 1,200 words. NC-17. Art by deejay. || What I get is not what I want, the truth too close to the bone to mention.

Fool star || 1,200 words. R. || I could hold you as branches in the wind brandish petals.

No new year || 1,000 words. NC-17. || And signals all along are down; yet nothing passes...

Came down like water || 1,000 words. R. || Just hold me like a gun.

In the lamb white days || 3,600 words. NC-17. || In the early days of their partnership, Mulder and Krycek investigate a messy mystery.

Green and carefree || 2,600 words. NC-17. || When it rains, people get wet. When you're away from civilization and cable, you have to make your own fun.

Something wicked || 4,700 words. NC-17. Crossover with Highlander. Hungarian translation by Jinx. || Alex Krycek meets a dark, handsome, mysterious stranger one night. So does Methos.

Sex and travel || 600 words. PG. Crossover with Highlander. || The travel guide with a difference.

Fickle flash || 1,800 words. R. Crossover with Highlander. || On a stakeout in an abandoned warehouse, Mulder doesn't quite avoid being struck by lightning.

China || 54,200 words. NC-17. Crossover with Highlander. Art by Laura Shapiro. || Mulder is looking for witches. Methos is looking for some peace and quiet. Whether they'll find what they're looking for in rural Indiana is anyone's guess.

Arbitrary and serendipitous || 170 words. PG. A post-China snippet for cathexys.

Safe and sound || 1,900 words. NC-17. || Krycek tries to find a way to get Mulder to fall asleep.

The picture of innocence || 900 words. PG. || Mulder finds that asking the Lone Gunmen for a favor might be asking for trouble.

Russian roulette || 8,400 words. NC-17. || On their way to Tunguska, Mulder and Krycek make an overnight stop in an unusual house.

Battered Krycek Blues || 600 words. R. || Krycek gets it.

By any other name || 3,200 words. NC-17. || Spanking, sex, and conversation.

Salt and lemon || 600 words. R. || Mulder, Krycek, and tequila.

Whipping boy || 500 words. R. || Mulder wants to show Krycek something, but not necessarily what Krycek wants to see -- and vice versa.

In the bleak midwinter || 8,500 words. NC-17. Inspired by Anna S's story Fatherland. || A dark look into a future where the streets are cold and survival means different things to different people.

Hard as hell || 7,000 words. NC-17. Hungarian translation by costa. || Krycek has to decide how far he's willing to go in order to be a successful double, or is it triple, agent.

Cinder || 900 words. R. || It's just a simple metaphor; it's for a burning love.

Subaudition || 3,800 words. NC-17. || Mulder can't sleep. Skinner wakes up. Sometimes it's hard to tell what brings two people together, and what holds them together.

Say, do any of you guys know how to || 1,900 words. NC-17. || Scully tries to catch a thief, while Mulder thinks about changing his image.

Down among the dead men || 500 words. PG. || Under the surface, memories are not the only things that linger.

In heavenly peace || 3,600 words. NC-17. || A Christmas story, not entirely cheerful.

Pyrolagnia || 4,500 words. NC-17. Co-written with Anna S. || Mulder's in his flannel PJ's when Krycek comes in from the cold.

Playmate || 1,800 words. NC-17. || Mulder finds true love with an unexpected partner, and Scully is a little startled.

After such dreams || 1,100 words. R. || Somewhere between dream and reality, Krycek is happy.

Disco 2001 || 900 words. R. || A birthday celebration.

Begin again || 1,300 words. PG. || Maybe they don't have to be afraid of the future.

Shift || 500 words. PG. || That's what friends are for.

One is one || 300 words. PG. || What's left after the fire?

Heaven || 100 words. PG. A drabble for Maria M.

Hitchhiker poetry || 400 words. PG. || Pastiches written under the influence.

Backstage || 1,300 words. PG. Crossover with Highlander, The Sentinel, and Star Trek: Voyager. || What really goes on behind the scenes as the characters prepare themselves for yet another heart-wrenching performance.

Obviously phallic || 660 words. PG. Written for without_me in the revival of the kissing meme. || Mulder and Krycek in Mulder's apartment.

Inexplicable splash || 2,000 words. PG. Written for devo in the revival of the kissing meme. || Gerald Tarrant and Alex Krycek in the Forest.