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Too dear for my possessing || 56,500 words. NC-17. || Tom thinks Harry isn't serious about him. Harry thinks Tom isn't serious about him.

The perfect ceremony || 47,800 words. NC-17. || To make amends for defiling a temple, Tom must go through a ritual that brings up memories he'd sooner forget.

Sweet seasoned showers || 2,600 words. NC-17. || Tom and Harry get wet.

The wilder shores of love || 3,200 words. NC-17. || Tom and Harry go on shore leave together and get unexpectedly close.

The art of conversation || 8,100 words. NC-17. || Tom has doubts, but Harry can be very persuasive.

The name of the game || 12,100 words. NC-17. || Harry's in love. Tom is skittish.

The declaration of independence || 4,400 words. R. || Harry gets possessive. Tom tells the truth.

The reputation of a rake || 5,200 words. NC-17. || The rest of the crew don't share Harry's faith in Tom.

The rewards of good behavior || 5,300 words. NC-17. || Tom and Chakotay have a narrow escape, and Harry demonstrates to Tom just how relieved he is.

The marriage of true minds || 11,400 words. NC-17. || Harry thinks they should get married. Tom doesn't.

The lease of my true love || 3,500 words. NC-17. || Tom likes what the crew have done for them, and loves what Harry does for him.

Catch me I'm falling || 4,900 words. PG. || Both Tom and Harry feel that something has changed between them; having a behavior-altering implant in your head for too long may not be entirely healthy.

(Don't) fall on me || 5,200 words. R. || Harry's in the brig, and Tom's in sickbay. At least to begin with.

After the fall || 4,600 words. PG. || Harry says he doesn't remember anything.

Unlocked || 18,500 words. NC-17. || Tom wants Harry, and so does B'Elanna. Harry's a bit overwhelmed.

Unlocked part five -- the optional sequel || 5,200 words. NC-17. || Just another night in Sandrine's, as B'Elanna makes new friends and Tom and Harry fail to play pool.

Stating the obvious || 11,500 words. NC-17. || Harry and Tom discuss holodeck sex.

Maintenance || 2,100 words. NC-17. || Tom and Harry work on their relationship, and other things.

Me myself indeed || 2,700 words. NC-17. || Tom finds himself on the holodeck.

Screwed and perfect || 2,300 words. R. || Tom and Chakotay have a revealing conversation.

Rough and ready || 1,200 words. NC-17. || Two men play a game of dominance and submission.

Backstage || 1,300 words. PG. Crossover with Highlander, The Sentinel, and The X-Files. || What really goes on behind the scenes as the characters prepare themselves for yet another heart-wrenching performance.

Once more, with feeling || 6,900 words. R. || Back on Voyager after the events of Investigations, Tom Paris tries to work things out with Chakotay.