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Reflections: Not at first sight || 6,000 words. PG. || The story of how Mael became a vampire and met Maharet.

A monument more lasting than bronze || 3,000 words. PG. || An encounter between Khayman and Maharet in the Sonoma compound.

Pandora's box || 55,500 words. R. || David, Daniel and Jesse run off together; Louis leaves Lestat; and Pandora wakes up. Meanwhile, a mortal man is stalking the vampires, looking for eternal life.

Pandora's box: epilogue || 2,200 words. R. || Lestat finds out about one of Louis's recent acquisitions.

The lilies and the roses || 6,000 words. R. || Pandora and Gabrielle revisit a certain castle in the Auvergne, and go to a wedding.

The last gift || 115,500 words. R. || Louis thinks it's time for Lestat to be on his own. Armand is searching desperately for his lost fledgling. And a young woman called Dora is hoping for a miracle.

Epithalamion: the wide world dreaming || 27,300 words. R. || Everyone goes to Rue Royal, and Marius and David meet again.

For all tomorrow's parties || 2,900 words. PG. || Daniel is unhappy.

The black angel's death song || 4,600 words. R. || Armand and Daniel go on a boating trip, and people die.

I'll be your mirror || 1,800 words. PG. || Daniel and Armand visit David.

And death shall have no erection || 10,000 words. R. || Louis and Lestat pursue a scientific enquiry in San Francisco.

Roman holiday I: From fire to ice || 9,000 words. PG. || Marius is rescued, but not safe.

Roman holiday II: From what I've tasted of desire || 1,300 words. PG. || Santino and Eric talk about love.

Roman holiday III: Sex and the single vampire || 6,000 words. R. || Santino and Marius don't talk about sex.

Roman holiday IV: Vestigia flammae || 2,900 words. PG. || Burning down the house.

Roman holiday V: Burn baby burn || 3,000 words. PG. || Pandora and Eric talk; Santino and Marius would like to talk, too.

Roman holiday VI: Phoenix of my heart || 7,700 words. R. || Santino and Marius talk, and then they don't.

Roman holiday: epilogue (Don't know much about biology) || 1,600 words. PG. || What might have happened later in the house in Rue Royal.

The mortal moon || 1,200 words. PG. || The loneliness of the long-distance lover.

'Tis the season to be silly || 4,700 words. PG. || All the vampires celebrate Christmas, with a guest appearance by Santa Claus Surveillance and Delivery, Inc.

A descent into Hades || 600 words. PG. || Daniel as Persephone samples Armand's pomegranate seeds.

Season blown || 1,400 words. PG. || A very old traveler comes to a strange land.

No country for old men || 150 words. PG. Crossover with Highlander. || Methos and Marius in a kitchen.