May 28, 2007

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on the importance of counting to one hundred

"I'm not counting." Sam pushed up against Dean's hand. "Stupid idea—"

Dean lifted his hand. "Yeah?"

Sam glared, seeing Dean's wicked grin in the headlights of a passing car. "One." Dean unzipped Sam's pants. Another pair of headlights. "Two." Dean was good with his hands. More cars passed. "Twenty-one. Twenty-two."

"Don't lose count." Dean twisted his hand.

Sam breathed through clenched teeth. A pair of high beams nearly blinded him. "Fifty-seven." Perfect, tight grip. "Seventy-th-three... God!"

Dean sat back. "Knew I could get you off before a hundred cars passed. You're easy."

"I hate you," Sam said. "I really do."

* * *

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