May 25, 2007

Disclaimer: by request only. Written for ari for the first kiss meme. Do not archive without permission.

No country for old men


Methos and Marius would probably get along excellently. Methos would come and visit whatever sanctum Marius had established for himself, and pretend not to know about the bodies in the basement, and they would have long lazy discussions about philosophy and recent writings and where to get decent wine, and possibly, down the centuries, long nights of nostalgic cooking, talking about what food had been like back in the whatever days, Marius watching intently as Methos tasted and sampled, reaching out with one hand as if to grasp the taste through Methos' senses. And one night he would come closer still, to taste the wine on Methos' tongue, and they would stand there on the brick floor of the kitchen and kiss, silently, for minutes or hours until Methos pulled back, and smiled, and lifted his bared wrist to Marius' mouth.

* * *

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