July 13, 2003

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An opening

"So," Mitsuru said as the door closed, "now we can finally—"

The door opened again. "Mitsuru-sempai!" Hasukawa said. "The video game boys demand thousands of yen from the dorm president as compensation for the levels they lost when Misako-chan made the power go out!"

"That's quite a problem," Mitsuru said. "Go and deal with it."

"But, Mitsuru-sempai!"

"You're bothering us," Shinobu said, moving closer to Mitsuru, leaning in. "We're busy."

"Oh, no," Hasukawa said. "You're not making me fall for that trick again! Knock it off, I know you're not really going to — uh. Um. Waugh!"

The door closed.

* * *

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